Jabber XMPP service closing down

The no-sense.net XMPP service will be operational until June 1st, 2023
In 2023 this service will close down.
Registration of new users is not possible any more.

jabber.no-sense.net has been operational since 2002 and has been a public service since 2009. After 20 years of service unfortunately the time has come to close the service. There are several reasons for this:
Luckily there are still enough XMPP servers in the world and moving from here to one of those is not difficult.
A good list of alternatives can be found at jabber.at, most of those are free to register and use.

Please note that all personal information stored at the server will be deleted in June and no information will remain.
Thank you for all the support I've received and I wish you all the best, both online and offline. You can contact me for help in moving to a new server via e-mail at aragon@no-sense.net.

Eric Koldeweij.
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