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Note: due to extensive abuse, in-band registration from within XMPP clients is no longer possible.
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This server operates in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

19-09-2020 The Facebook gateway has been closed permanently. Facebook disallows any connection from the gateway and it seems that it is blacklisted. I do not have the means to circumvent this, hence this difficult decision.
04-04-2019 The Facebook gateway stopped working because Facebook again changed their login procedure.... The gateway has been modified to accommodate His Higness Zuckerberg. It might be that people using the Facebook gateway now will be forced (by FB, not by me!) to change their password. To use the FB gateway again after password change, you need to re-register your FB account on here as well. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
07-03-2018 A similar crash like last week happened again. Log files show nothing and we have no idea yet what the problem is. We are very sorry again for the downtime and we will do all we can to find and fix this forever
27-02-2018 A weird crash happened... root cause not yet known. After a restart everything worked again. Apologies for the downtime
11-06-2017 For several reasons I needed to change the server certificates. During the change we screwed up.... Back online, with the new certificates. Apologies for the downtime
30-03-2017 The FaceBook gateway is operational again, at least everything seems to work again.
29-03-2017 The FaceBook gateway stopped working this morning because of changes made by FaceBook. A solution is being worked on but for the moment sending messages is not possible. Message receiving seems to work still.
13-06-2016 OOPS. The server suffered a crash and has been down for two days. Everything should be alright and nothing is lost. My apologies for the inconvenience.
26-01-2015 A new Facebook gateway is up and running. It is still quite experimental and it's still unfinished but it is usable for messaging.
16-12-2015 The Facebook gateway has been disabled and won't come back any time soon. Facebook has dropped all support for XMPP unfortunately. We are working on alternatives.
16-12-2015 It seems that Facebook finally pulled the plug and disabled XMPP support. Since a week or so the Facebook service is not working any more. I am sorry to say that the service will be disabled.
22-12-2014 The MUC (conference rooms) are working again and all remote XMPP servers are reachable. Several users are still not able to connect and we do not know why yet. If you are one of them please send mail to The Admin. We need more information to find and fix the problem
21-12-2014 has been moved to a new server today. The transition did not go completely flawless. At the moment the conference rooms are not working yet and not all remote XMPP servers can yet be reached. There are also a small number of users who are unable to connect. If you are one of them, please contact The Admin.
04-11-2013 This service is A rated for both Client and Server security by This makes one of the top secure XMPP servers in the world! While we are very proud of this we will still continue to improve security. score User Administration

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